2Pac Me Against The World

This song made me realize I could pedal the A, D and E strings while bouncing off the other strings for the riff. It s all about the accents and timing, which helped me inject small blues jabs and learn to be on time with a drummer.

The solo is great because Jimmy Page starts in one box pattern, moves to the next position then climbs with some triplets to finally shift into the last box position and end with another cool triplet lick.

Ma believes that Dylan will change his program from city to city and that s one of the reasons why he wants to attend the concerts in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Critic Zhang, who saw a Dylan concert in Germany in 2006, advises Chinese audiences to take some time to study the artist s lyrics before going to the concerts so as to get more value for their money.

He also suggests Chinese audiences should be prepared, as the shows may not be what they expected. It s only natural if you feel lost and confused at first at a Dylan concert. You may not even be able to recognize a song that you thought you knew well, he says.