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Sarah armchair with upholstered seat. Rather than present the viewer with the bare written instructions for the work, or make a live event of the realization of the concept in the manner of the Fluxus artists3 Chairs Three Chairs 3 instead unifies concept and realization. Clifton Chair. Hunter Sectional. Oculus End Table. Kosuth tries to identify or equate these philosophical problems with the theory of art. Franklin Tall Glass Door Bookcase.

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We have to do this in order to get our work done. I think one purpose of art is to get us out of those routines. When… Read More. Hunter Studio Sectional Sofa. Gigi Sectional Sofa. Hunter Lounge. Kennedy Loveseat. Mona Sofette. Bella Settee. Major Loveseat. Demi Sofa. Gigi Sofa. Gigi Chair. Alexa Queen Sleeper Slipcovered. Harris Queen Comfort Sleeper. Gaines Queen Comfort Sleeper.

Bryson Queen Comfort Sleeper. Alex II Slipcovered Chair. Ellen Chair. Cooper Rectangular Cocktail Table. Watson End Table. Watson Cocktail Table. Mimico Storage Ottoman. Sparrow Ottoman. Sparrow Glider. Lodge Lounge Chair. Clifton Chair. Pitt Sofa Slipcovered. Cooper Full Swivel Chair. Bella Chair. Avery Chair. The work tends to defy formal analysis because one chair can be substituted for another chair, rendering the photograph and the chair photographed elusive to description.

Nevertheless, the particular chair and its accompanying photograph lend themselves to formal analysis. There are many chairs in the world; thus only those actually used can be described.

Those chairs not used would not be analyzed. The enlarged dictionary definition of the word chair is also open to formal analysis, as is the diagram containing instructions of the work. Kosuth's thematization of semantic congruities and incongruities can be seen as a reflection of the problems which the relations between concept and presentation pose.

Kosuth uses the related questions, "how meanings of signs are constituted" and "how signs refer to extra-lingual phenomena" as a fundament to discuss the relation between concept and presentation. Kosuth tries to identify or equate these philosophical problems with the theory of art.

Kosuth changes the art practice from hand-made originals to notations with substitutable realizations, and tries to exemplify the relevance of this change for the theory of art. Both exposed the concept of the art work as a non-substitutable instance realized by an artist who follows no other criteria than visual ones. They defined this concept as the core of modernism.

In the sixties, Greenberg's and Fried's modernist doctrine dominated the American discussions on art; meanwhile, the artists Allan Kaprow , Dick Higgins , Henry Flynt, Mel Bochner , Robert Smithson and Joseph Kosuth wrote articles on art exemplifying a pluralistic anti- and post-modernist tendency which gained more influence at the end of the sixties.

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Cara Tall Chair. Cara Chair. Alex Chair. Alexa II Slipcovered Chair. Jean Luc Sectional. Hunter Sectional. Clifton Sectional. Alex Sectional. Kennedy Sofa. Jean Luc Sofa. Hunter Sofa. Cara Sofa. Alex Sofa. Alex II Slipcovered Sofa. Ethan Chair. Parker Sofa. Henley Sofa. Cherry Hollow Bentwood Rocker. Has anyone read anything good recently? But… Read More. How is everyone? I am currently enamored with early summer in New York City, especially at night, when the light lingers, restaurant windows are swung open, BBQ smoke drifts through city parks, and everyone is just in a good mood.

Enter this life-saving, Amazon jewel of closet cuteness. This photo is to be enlarged to the size of the actual chair and placed on the wall to the left of the chair. Finally, a blow-up of the copy of the dictionary definition is to be hung to the right of the chair, its upper edge aligned with that of the photograph. These artists also tackled the problem of presenting "concepts" to an art audience.

One and Three Chairs is, perhaps, a step towards a resolution of this problem. Rather than present the viewer with the bare written instructions for the work, or make a live event of the realization of the concept in the manner of the Fluxus artists , Kosuth instead unifies concept and realization. One and Three Chairs demonstrates how an artwork can embody an idea that remains constant despite changes to its elements.

Kosuth stresses the difference between concept and presentation in his writings e. He tries to intimately bind the conceptual nature of his work with the nature of art itself, thus raising his instructions for the presentation of an artwork to the level of a discourse on art.

In Henry Flynt articulated these problems in the article "Concept Art". The work One and Three Chairs can be seen to highlight the relation between language, picture and referent. It problematizes relations between object, visual and verbal references denotations plus semantic fields of the term chosen for the verbal reference.

The term of the dictionary includes connotations and possible denotations which are relevant in the context of the presentation of One and Three Chairs. Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair. Tulip Side Chair. Wellesley Arm Chair. Wellesley Side Chair. Sienna Leather Chair. East Village Hutch Base. Sarah 2 Drawers over 4 Door Buffet. Charleston Cabinet. Huntington Cabinet. Eames Table Segmented Base Round.

Tulip Dining Table. Long Wharf Table. Parsons Dining Table.