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There are no special words to accurately describe the father-daughter relationship. The moment when they dance together in her wedding is probably the most emotional one. So, choosing the music is not an easy task. You don t need to restrict yourself to the songs with lyrics purely for fathers and daughters.

Songs of friendship and togetherness can also be selected.

When you ve essentially been canonized as a modern secular saint, there s no way to not be overrated to one degree or another, but in the case of the legendary John Lennon, the gap between the idol people worship and the real person is so enormous, and the accolades that come his way so over the top, that it s impossible not to try and mitigate the damage to some degree.

The truth is, many people young and old all over the world model their lives and beliefs after the Lennon icon, and they really, really shouldn t. There s simply no way of disputing this the revered icon of peace and love had a serious problem with violence against women. This has been documented all the way back to his Liverpool days, and he eventually admitted it himself later in life. His first wife Cynthia and his second, Yoko Ono, were both victims of Lennon s brutality at one point or another, and given that most men who beat their spouses or girlfriends regularly are not particularly discriminating about the object of their violence, it s frankly impossible that they were the only ones.