Ataraxia The Unexplained Electronic Musical Impressions Of The Occult

He is hooked up to the Power Amplifying Machine and it is activated, the machine teleported an advanced team into the future. After finishing sending another advanced team to Gateway, he overhears Richard say that they only need 12,000 people in the future, Tommy realizes that he s been lied to and he teleports out.

He comes back to Gateway and sees his mom being taken, he freezes time and takes them both to the future. Anne tries to convince him that there has to be another way other than working with Erica, he then teleports them both back to present day Gateway.

Enterprise arrives at the Arachnid Nebula. The captain notes that the nebula is eight billion kilometers across, but his astronomy text said it was six and a half billion kilometers.

Tavin offers to help them complete the scanning sooner using their translinear sensors.