Basic Units Mat Carter Firewire Split Series Vol 1

The other three discs, lovingly unboxed by Russian pirates and presented to yours truly without forcing him to buy Bands Favourites yeah, I m positively sure they re all remixed, remastered, cleaned out, decompressed, filtered, strained, sterilized, decontaminated, and hydromassaged beyond all human expectations, but I m not Mr Sound Quality, I ve been raised on listening to rusty 8-track audience quality Motorhead boots, don t you mess around with meanyway, the other three discs rule.

Now keep in mind that a couple years after that boxset, Elektra also released Essential Raritiesa 1-CD collection of arguably the best of these outtakes, which I had heard and reviewed before I d gotten around to the entire boxset, so if I make what seems like glaring omissions of obvious highlights in this review, it s because you can find me slobbering all over them one screen several paragraphs of text below.

Keep that in mind and if you re a potential buyer and a review-loving masochist, don t forget to read the next review when you re through this one. Anyway, there are two CDs here subtitled The Future Ain t What It Used To Be and Without A Safety Netcollecting studio demos and outtakes and assorted live performances, and a third CD entitled Live In New York that s supposed to be a complete or near-complete show recorded in Madison Square Garden sometime in 1970, but, in fact, there have been rumours that it s actually been collaged from several NYC performances.

The show is terrific anyway.

Before the 60 s, most Blues records sold as singles, so most of the selections here are compilation albums. After the 60 s we have selected the outstanding album or the live set which shows the best of the artist s talents.

Our list covers all ages of the Blues, from the early Country Music styles through to the electric Blues of the City.