Big L The Big Picture 1974 1999

Yea, I own that I have taken vengeance for my country and my father. Your hands were equally bound to the task which mine fulfilled. What it would have beseemed you to accomplish with me, I achieved alone.

Nor had I any partner in so glorious a deed, or the service of any man to help me. Not that I forget that you would have helped this work, had I asked you; for doubtless you have remained loyal to your king and loving to your prince.

But now, as John curled himself into the foetal position, the therapist knew that the worst of the tension had been released, and at John s request he enacted the role of his father and bent down to stroke his head gently. A New Book on the Beatles and Primal Therapy. The Beatles by Steve Turner.

Early in 1970 a publicist at the New York publishing company G. Put- nam sent John a copy of a new book, The Primal Scream Primal Therapy, the Cure for Neurosis, by California psychotherapist Arthur Janov, hoping that John might review or at least endorse it.