Brian Bennett Alan Hawkshaw Synthesis

If the Sole Survivor gives the cure to Dr. Forsythe, they receive rewards including the syringer rifle and a room in Vault 81 located across from the depot. Most items throughout the vault are no longer marked as owned and can be freely picked up without angering the residents. As a side effect, if the player character has contracted the disease during this quest, they keep the disease.

A 3 minute 55 second video, almost the same as Version 1 but the intro is a few seconds shorter, and the kiss at the end is complete and with a white fade-out effect. A collection of pictures over the instrumental track. Also in circulation among video collectors, is a 3 minute clip of outtakes from the woods intro sequence, although never released as an official video.

From Imagine The Film with footage shot at Tittenhurst Park, Ascot.