Burial Rival Dealer

Concert goers let out a loud but less-than-unanimous cheer, Thor Christensen wrote in The Dallas Morning News. According to Christensen s review. The 63-year-old singer began his anti-gay commentary a few songs earlier, mocking queer guitar pickers in the middle of All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down before moving on to his next target Liberal politicians, who he told to move to Mexico at the end of We Don t Apologize For America.

I have a bootleg copy with most of the crap edited out, but I ve heard the complete version, and looking at my bootleg copy makes me all the more happy. For the record if you did buy the double CD, at least you might be consoled by the fact that the second disc has a passable, although overlong live version of Cold Turkeyas well as an old blues number with John in top form Well Baby Please Don t Go.

Even though the Lennon Anthology has a far superior studio version. On second thought, out of all the versions of Cold Turkey I m familiar with, this might just be the gloomiest and wildest, with Lennon throwing a series of virtual fits on stage that hasn t ever been surpassed.

And the instrumental backing from the Elephants Memory Band is gritty and crashing.