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He survived a liver transplant in August and released an album, Almatwo years later. El Universo in Spanish. Retrieved 27 September Radio Pasion Ecuador: Grandes Biografias. February Retrieved 2 May

Prior to the Civil War, white minstrels began to copy the styles of the plantation orchestras, becoming the rage of Europe and America. These slave orchestras had learned a smattering of European dance tunes, which they combined with traditional African forms played on European instruments not too dissimilar from the lutes and fiddles used by African griots storytellers of the Savannahadapting their traditional music in ways both overt and clandestine, and thereby continuing a cultural heritage that had been in effect outlawed by the slaves owners.

By the time of rock s inception, this musical cross-fertilization had already occurred several times over, creating jazz, blues, gospel, western swing, and rhythm and blues. These new musical forms western swing, rhythm and blues, jump blues proliferated in the years following World War II, the result of migrations out of the rural South and Southwest, as well as greater dissemination through radio and records.

Many country musicians introduced blues tunes into their repertoire, while Delta blues musicians adapted to urban nightclubs with electric guitars and small combo arrangements.

But ask a similarly aged peer in Europe and what you hear might surprise you. On that side of the pond, the band was seen as heart-throb pin-up types. Which is not to say Depeche Mode was not a significant band over there on the contrary, it s ended up being one of that country s most influential bands ever but they just had a very different popular vibe.