Carl Craig No More Words

In All Grown Up. Lou is much older and when taking a class field trip in the episode The Old and the Restless, Tommy snaps at him because Lou was embarrasing him, was tired of hearing the war stories, and wanted him to move faster. In the end though, after Tommy, Sean, and Justin got stuck in the broken heart of the exhibit, it was Lou who came to Tommy and his friends rescue and Tommy said he was glad that Lou had told him all the stories.

Starting in January 1930 Lon was institutionalised often at veterans hospitals, first in Pensacola, Florida, then in Alexandria, Louisiana. It was shell shocka delayed reaction to the horrors he d experienced during World War I. He never came home again Lilly divorced him during his 10-year absence. Georgiana When his father was first hospitalised, Lilly s brother-in-law took Hank s family in at the house in Garland where Lilly s mother also lived.

Then they moved into a dilapidated wooden shack on old Highway 31 in Georgiana, but it burned down a few months later, and they were offered a new house rent-free by Thaddeus B Rose, here on a street he d named for himself.