Cecil Leuter Pop Electronique

Combining high end production, pop melodies, a touch of boogie as well as straight up rock, it boasted the enormous hits Walk Of LifeMoney For Nothing and the epic, heartbreaking title track. Mark Knopfler proved throughout that while there might be quicker, and more fancy guitar players out there, he was one of the most effective, always choosing the right notes at the right time. Key Track Money For Nothing.

The world of rock might be seriously skewed toward the masculine, but Heart showed it doesn t have to be. Their self-titled eighth album, following a period in the commercial wilderness, was a bona fide classic, containing no fewer than five hit singles, including What About Love.

RRS has been making quite a buzz this year. Soul placed first in the Guitar Center Corner Pocket battle of the bands, and also placed 2nd in the WPLR battle of the bands. Red River Soul blends the styles of the blues, rock and funk to create a unique, almost organic sound. At times jammy, at times pop-esquethe influences of its individuals is always present.

From the passionate blues playing of Frank DeNigris, to the funk of bass player Kent Johnannesen and the eclectic, percussive stylings of drummer Nate Dobas, the energy level of a Red River Soul show is always high.