Chaka Khan Like Sugar

Accidental Heroes Dusty Springfield By Martin Kelner on Jan 16, 2001 - 1 11 00 PM. Article dated Tuesday 16 January 2001 Dusty Springfield We first saw her in a gingham dress, like something out of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, full-bosomed with a pinched-in waist, her improbable hair back-combed to within an inch of its life and perched upon her head like a blonde walnut whip.

Who could have guessed that this Barbie Doll, singing trouble-free country songs with her brother Tom in1962 in a terminally cheerful combo definitely a combo, not a group called The Springfields, would become the great tragic heroine of pop music.

In the period before Holdsworth fell in love with the Synthaxe and completely changed the face of fusion once again, he was one of the most gifted electric guitarists in the business. His fleet, legato phrasing and pinpoint-accurate use of the tremolo bar were but two signatures of his unique and influential style. This head-spinning album features vocalist Paul Williams, bassist Jimmy Johnson, ex-Zappa drummer Chad Wackerman, and some of Holdsworth s most sizzling guitar work.