Chris Cosey Songs Of Love Lust

BEATLES - Old Brown Shoe. BEATLES - Paperback Writer. BEATLES - Penny Lane. BEATLES - She Loves You. BEATLES - Ticket To Ride.

Oliver later mentions him again when he publicly confesses to being Green Arrow, meaning the public now believe that Tommy is actually alive. Tommy first appears as a selfish, reckless, light-hearted, cheerful, carefree, laid-back, fun-loving and spoiled brat individual without a care in the world and loved to party, due to his financial access being nearly limitless. Regardless, Tommy was immensely loyal to his lifelong best friend Oliver Queen.

When Oliver accessed his email in an attempt to contact Moira he was in Hong Kong, Tommy immediately went to Hong Kong to find him. During Oliver s time away, despite his spoiled traits, Tommy tried to look after Thea to fill in Oliver s shoes as an older brother unaware that he was, in fact, Thea s older half-brother.