Crustation Flame

John Russo and George Romero, who worked together on Night of the Living Dead, had a bit of a falling out. When they went their separate ways, both maintained some claim to the movie, and Russo got to keep the. Regardless of who was in the wrong something hardcore zombie fan boys debate endlesslyRusso went on to spawn the Return of the Living Dead series, which started with this cult-favorite film.

I d say it s probably the most referenced zombie film out there, next to Night of the Living Dead - you can find little nods to it all over the place, even in films where you wouldn t really expect them to crop up. It s a bit of a weird beast- very 80 s, very madcap and heavy on the comedy in the beginning but shredding that as it goes along and the body count, and zombie count, goes up.

I hope to be able to someday, but they re older people. I sometimes am able to do it, but it happens, when it happens, unconsciously. You see, in time, with those old singers, music was a tool-a way to live more, a way to make themselves feel better at certain points. As for me, I can make myself feel better some times, but at other times, it s still hard to go to sleep at night.

Dylan s accompaniment on this track includes Bruce Langhorne guitarGeorge Barnes bass guitarDick Wellstood pianoGene Ramey bass and Herb Lovelle drums.