David Mancuso The Loft Volume Two

Nigel Stormcloud was a willing servant to the evil Madreus. His quest for power had corrupted his soul, twisted his life, and left him ultimately dead atop a heap of suffering victims. Talrath Filey Drow, Sorceror Rogue - Briefly played by Nathaniel Benton. A former member of our group of adventurers.

When Hank and the Drifting Cowboys travel to New York in November to appear on singer Perry Como s CBS TV show, a New York reporter asks questions about his drinking in an interview.

Feeling he s being talked down to, Hank abruptly ends their discussion. His back pain, which never went away, worsens after Hank takes a hard fall during a hunting trip. As he faces back surgery, doctors explain how his Spina Bifida aggravates the problem.