DBX Alien EP

Ella me gusta pero nunca me hace caso Ella me mira como si fuera un payaso Y aunque lo intente al final no tiene caso Dime que paso. Me ignoras y te das la vuelta sin siquiera hablarme Tell me why.

Pero dime como hacer para convencerla a usted. Si yo quera hablarle, saludarle, conocerla bien Yo quera decirle que me encanta Pero se complica y yo no entiendo porque es tan. Picky picky picky picky picky Demasiado picky picky picky picky picky Si yo le salgo por la izquierda se va pa la derecha No se lo que le pasa, conmigo ella no quiere bailar.

At the end of the day, feelings are abstract, no matter how many sensory details we try to staple to them. This, unfortunately, is also bad news for a writer along with probably everyone else who wants to meaningfully express themselves. The pastures adjacent to both sides of the road are serene and mostly empty; they host a few trees, green-black in the darkness, that cast diagonal shadows across the dash.

The radio station that I ve been ignoring begins to play something that catches my attention an electric guitar that is golden and melodic, a glockenspiel sounding like a celestial bell, a shimmering warmth that is the audio equivalent of the wavy distortions of air above summer pavement.