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Yet a transformation is definitely underway, and as with most things in life, it s being spurred by money and mortality. It s going to come down to economics, Wellman said.

As baby boomers and Gen X-ers age out of the key advertising demographic over the next five to 10 years, one of two things will happen. Either advertisers will chase them, or classic rock will start to skew younger.

Head to FiveThirtyEight for lots of other fascinating data.

So I went to the country for the weekend - that s the countryside, those large stretches of verdant open land between the towns and cities. The objective evidence that the violence from the GIA are mainly confined to the country areas. You hear everywhere that they are calling out for more nurses and definitely for the country area. Then he said they had died in a gun battle with soldiers on a country road outside the capital.

The three of us speed off out of Nottingham, through the centre of Derby, and out onto the country lanes beyond.