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In 1985 the album Listen Like Thieves managed to score the group their very first top 5 single on the Billboard charts with What You Need. Over the course of the next two years, INXS would grow by leaps and bounds as musicians, and the culmination of this creative explosion would be the landmark release Kick.

Four of the singles from that album would crack the American top 10, including New Sensationthe rocker Devil Inside, the hauntingly powerful ballad Never Tear Us Apart and of course their first number one smash Need You Tonight, the best New Wave song the band would ever produce. Kick was a monster, and it would cap INXS 80s output.

The band would score subsequent hits in the 1990 s before being torn apart by the untimely and scandalous death of Hutchence in 1997.

The dark influence of the evil Naga has rotted his mind. Ag Chazore An old man who really isn t an old man at all. A figure from the background history of one Goliath. Encountered in the frozen wastes of the Great Glacier, at first glance Ag Chazore looks like a frail old human worth barely a mention or concern. As one pays closer attention, he seems a sprightly old man with surprising agility, fortitude and intelligence.