Fast Eddie Acid Thunder

They were also the first western rock band to be invited to perform in pre-Glasnost East Berlin - to an audience of 175,000 people. Their album, Gone to Earth is officially the third most popular album since records began in Europe s biggest music market - Germany Pink Floyd s Wish You Were Here being number one.

Their classic albums, particularly those made in the 60s and 70s are sublime. Synonymous with all that is good about prog rock. A very loyal and devoted fan base, even in the UK where they were criminally under-rated.

Either in NYC or elsewhere. Adult Contemporary ; a fancy name for the lame music your parents probably listened to. Mostly maudlin tunes about the lives and thoughts of privileged, white, middle-aged hipsters. Most bands are The something.

Not as counter-culture as EDM, but slightly heavier than Bubble Gum Pop; which I didn t list as a category.