Foul Play Productions Finest Illusion Screwface

An ominous organ drone hangs WAY in the background only to disappear with the next phrase and reappear towards the end and the effect is of very late nights after days of successive work in a studio with deeply baffled walls.

Severe drum machine wedded to a simple hi-hat snare beat, darting clavinet clusters, wah-wah d organ and bubbling bass are at the root of the following track, Poet.

After Sly s vocal statement of artistic intent, Poet weaves to and fro into an instrumental comprised of several clavinet overdubs, bass and several settings of drum machine punched down together and just as it begins to blossom and yield rich polyrhythmic textures and ceases to only appear as merely erratic, it fades off into silence.

A completely different Maestro Rhythm King-generated tempo surfaces as the introduction to the well-known Family Affair.

This is more late-Stax in the style of Isaac Hayes, but just barely. One reason you hear relatively little of Memphis in this album is simple it s one of the worst produced and engineered records I have ever heard. Dusty s sensual and expressive vocals are consistently buried under an avalanche of cheesy string arrangements set to maximum volume. The engineers frequently bury the groove as well, so it often sounds like Dusty and the core band are fighting to be heard.