Gaussian Curve Clouds

Again this is just speculation. The Axis could have just been something that sounded good that jimmy decided was a good lyric, or even a nickname for someome he knew who was wise and emotionally perceptive. To be honest we ll never really be sure. Regardless this song is awsome, both in lyrical depth and musical composition, and i am a huge fan of it, and the two musicians who brought it to life. I believe that Axis Bold as Love is about freemasonry and was written to appease please some who influenced inspired Jimi, who was not one of that particular group.

If you could keep voices like flowers There d be shamrock all over the world. If you could drink dreams like the Irish streams Then the world would be high as the mountain of morn In the Pool they told us the story How the English divided the land, Of the pain, the death and the glory And the poets of auld Eireland If we could make chains with the morning dew The world would be like Galway Bay. Let s walk over rainbows like leprechauns The world would be one big Blarney stone Why the hell are the English there anyway.