Gemini On The North Star With Gemini

Holloway s husband Floyd Smith s instrumental The Bump re-uses her rhythm track to create a fine slice of proto-disco. Previously unreleased selections include David Camon s Keep On Doin Your Funky Thing and Johnny Jacobs Ain t It Funky Doing Your Own Thingboth of which are hard-hitting street funk. Family Plann s Let s Dance is a slice of pre-disco which sits nicely alongside underground heroes Maggabrain s Down At The Disco.

GRC went out of business at around the time Thevis was arrested for murder, which might be why so much unreleased music remained in the vaults.

If it tails off badly - the unspeakable truth is that GYBR would have made a better single album - it begins in winningly grandiose manner. The epic Wagnerian strains of the Funeral for a Friend instrumental lead into the red-meat refrains of Love Lies Bleeding, where Davey Johnstone s guitar, as so often, lends wings to a John Taupin composition.

The run of now-standards continues with Candle in the Wind then a homage to Marilyn; later, notoriously, to Dianathe stomping glam-soul romp Bennie and the Jets perhaps a fuzzy stab at a Ziggy Stardust fantasyand the plaintive title song, in which the virtues of country over city are eulogised. I m going back to my plough, sighs Elton, in perhaps the least technically authentic line in pop history.