Henri Texier Varech

Sadly the entry ends here, but we can get the gist of what happened next. God himself, during a rare moment of divine, all-powerful, superbeing ruler of the Universe-ishness humility, claims responsibility for the existence of zombies.

Apparently, God himself was a child once, the accidental love-child of Microsoft and IBM, and he did like to experiment. One day, Human Experiment 666,666,666,666,666,666, converted into a grotesque, brain-dead abomination through overuse of steroid and being fed too much crap, escaped from his hamster cage in the exercise wheel which had been modified into a getaway vehicle.

Furthermore, they had to wear different color coats depending on their rank, and Emerick wasn t even 21 years old when he began upending the norms. As he s said in many interviews, he was reprimanded for his studio creativity constantly. But given how many of his techniques are still used today not to mention his four Grammy Awards it seems the engineer got the last laugh.

After his time with the Fab Four, Emerick s career spanned decades. He continued working with McCartney and produced everyone from Art Garfunkel to Cheap Trick to Johnny Cash.