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Stevie s small town life is rich in family secrets, quiet discoveries, and evolving relationships. Universal themes of grief, family, love, and loyalty are conveyed through the understated prose. This gently told narrative will appeal to readers of heartfelt, realistic fiction. Stevie processes her grief and her new relationships with a winning combination of grace, mistakes, humor, contemplation, and determination.

The song, entitled as the work-in-progress movie, was already finished during the sessions of Springsteen s introspective album Nebraskaand Springsteen originally wanted to include it on the album. However, it was removed as it did not coincide with the dark feel of the rest of the songs. The same happened with other songs already cut around January or February 1982 the energetic rocker Cover Me and the intimate I m On Fire.

Between April and May, Springsteen composed and recorded a number of songs specifically intended for an album besides Nebraska at The Power Station in New York Born in the U. By mid-1982, most of the album was already recorded over three months before the commercial release of Nebraska.