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Shangri-La, a temple that was once a mining facility for Element 115, however, does not live up to its name, as its inhabitants have all been zombified before the group s arrival. Richtofen now states that this was the last step to controlling the world before he is teleported there. Prior to the group s arrival at Shangri-La, two explorers, Brock and Gary, went on an expedition to prove their theories on Agartha.

Brock later figures out that the temple wasn t built by an ancient civilization, but by people in the modern era interpreting it. After investigating the temple, the pair accidentally activated the temple s time travel and died in the resulting zombie attack.

Specialist reggae music magazine, Crucial Riddims, caught up with Paul Cherrie recently to find out more about his latest live band project, We Be Jammin.

CR How did We Be Jammin. PC Well, I used to run a band called Kaiso.