James Brown James Brown Live At The Apollo

Hank, You Tried To Tell Me - Johnny Paycheck. Hank, You re A Legend - Kevin Gunn. Hank, You re Gone But Not Forgotten - Hank The Drifter. Hank, You re Still The King - Johnny Comfort. Hank s Gibson Guitar - Eddy Fannon.

The cover s decidedly Afro-centric and psychedelic undertones reverberated within both the Black Power movement and the progressive counterculture of the early 70s, but for different reasons. Critics of the album believed that Bitches Brew represented the death of jazz. They thought that Miles had left behind black music for the commercial success of white rock music and the counterculture lifestlye that has become mainstream after Woodstock in 1969.

Others saw Bitches Brew as a pivotal moment in jazz and a remarkable and daring album that was ahead of its time.