Janeret JNRT444

Hay bebe no tengas miedo QuГ tate la ropa, yo vaso por vaso BГ same la boca Vamos a disfrutar de este momento. Por que nadie Nos esta viendo aquГ Estamos sГlitos aquГ DГ jame sentir todo tu cuerpo x2.

Ignora, sin tocarla me acalora La veo bailando, la dejo sola sola Quiero hacerla mi seГ ora Ella es, encantadora y cazadora.

After Tekka manages to wake the knocked out Pinich, they hear the voice of Vegeta admonishing Tekka for his carelessness and are surprised to discover that Vegeta is acting as Pinich s martial arts master to help the young Saiyan become stronger and achieve his Super Saiyan form. After parting ways with Pinich and Vegeta, Tekka s Team decide to travel to nearby Kame House to seek Master Roshi s advice and or convince him to join them. However Roshi refuses to join their team.

Instead he tells them the secrets to recruiting new allies and mentions a pretty female martial artist practicing nearby, whom Tekka s team manage to recruit after defeating her with a Zenkai Attack.