Jay Daniel Scorpio Rising EP

After the huge success of Bat Out Of HellMeat Loaf and songwriter Jim Steinman endured a torrid personal relationship, with a serious of financial and legal disputes preventing a sequel - Steinman would end up using tracks he had written on his own Bad For Good album.

Thankfully for fans, 16 years after the original album, they finally teamed up again to record the follow-up. Any fears that it wouldn t match up to the original were soon put to rest by the 12-minute opening opus I d Do Anything For Love But I Won t Do Thatwhich was duly an enormous hit. Steinman and Loaf never really did understated, and the rest of the record was a rip-roaring rock ride back into the furnace of hell.

Mark s principle influences from within the comics field include Hal Foster, Alex Raymond, Roy Crane, Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman, Wally Wood and Al Williamson. He, his wife Denise and their two cats live in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. For relaxation, Mark hikes, travels, watches old movies and tries to keep current with developments in the biological and physical sciences. Thomas Yeates grew up in Sacramento, in northern California, where he was born in 1955. He attended college in Utah, Sacramento, and the Joe Kubert School in New Jersey.