Jaylib Champion Sound

Bold As Love safe stereo 4 10 06. Bold As Love official stereo 4 11 07. Mr Bad Luck Studio Haze CD 2 55 08. Mr Bad Luck different mix 2 58 09. Taking Care Of No Business no overdubs 3 43 10.

Self-pitying lyrically see below but then we all like a good wallow, don t we. Choice lyric I saw you standing hand in hand And now you come to me, the solitary man. Velvet Revolver - Fall To Pieces 2004 With this song Velvet Reveolver have come up with a true 21st-century power ballad.

Weiland s hoarse, scorching vocals, Slash s ding-dong guitar and hugs all round from Duff make Fall To Pieces a suitably overwrought modern- day classic.