Jeremy Ascentic Rhodes

Fred then asked John with whom he wanted to stay. At first he chose Fred but just as Julia was about to walk a way he ran over to her. Julia did however not keep John but send him back to Mimi.

Eventually, he moved onto the Sir Mike the Musical Thunderstorm outfit, and then in 1968 to the Sir George the Atomic sound system. The DJ was then lured away by Coxsone Dodd; however, soon tiring of playing second fiddle to longtime veteran King Stitt, he returned to Sir George.

Around this same time, he met up with another royal figure, King Tubby, then working as a disc cutter at Duke Reid s studio. The mechanic was just beginning his musical experiments that eventually led him to develop dub, and at the moment he was giving his proto-dub experimental discs to a handful of his favorite DJs.