John Frusciante Shadows Collide With People

Either Cale never leaves the VU, or rejoins for one last hurrah. Cream Steve Winwood - 1969 album drawing from the Blind Faith tracks Jack Bruce s solo debut album Songs for a Taylor What if Cream stayed together for one more album, recruiting Steve to fill-out their sound. Lou Reed John Cale albums from the mid 70s Basically mixing Lou s Sally Can t Dance Coney Island Baby albums with John Cale s Fear Slow Dazzle Helen of Troy albums - the Coney Island Baby reissue has some great bonus track outtakes with a real rough edge.

You could get 2-3 albums out of that potentially.

Of course there was much more happening in 68-72 than just James Brown. Prior to Say It Loud there was the music of Sly Stone Jimi Hendrix it was actually thier respective images that caused much of the tension between Soul FUNK. By the time James Brown put out Dont Wear A Process, Sly Jimi had been wearing Afros for years. Soul was basicly a southern music. Music that is rooted in the church could hardly be called confrontational it wasnt.