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His latter work also has many wonderful songs. Theil came along in the 80s and had a tradition to work with, yet came up with some absolutely heart wrenching melodies that he sang beautifully all with a sense of space. This Spanish band made only two records and this second one is a true mind blower.

The production toured Europe for six months in 2006, and ran in the main house at the Barbican in London for six weeks. For THE CHANGELING Tom was nominated for the 2006 Ian Charleson Award, which recognizes exceptional classical stage performances by actors under the age of 30. In 2007 Cheek By Jowl once again asked Tom to perform for them as the hero, Posthumus Leonatus, and the anti-hero Cloten, in Declan Donnellan s production of Shakespeare s late romance, CYMBELINE.

The production toured the world for seven months in 2007, playing in New York, Milan, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, and in London at the Barbican. The Guardian praised Tom s performance The masterstroke of Donnellan s production is to have both Posthumus, who comes to doubt Imogen s fidelity, and Cloten played by the same actor, Tom Hiddleston.