Lee Tango Gwange Legendary Volume 3

Los Angeles boasted dozens of important psychedelic bands, besides The Byrds, these included Iron Butterfly, Love, Spirit, Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, The United States of America, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, and the Electric Prunes; perhaps the most commercially successful were The Doors.

Frank Zappa and his group The Mothers of Invention began to incorporate psychedelic influences in their first two albums Freak Out. The Beach Boys concept album Pet Sounds helped herald the psychedelia movement in America, with its artful experiments, psychedelic lyrics based on emotional longings and self-doubts, elaborate sound effects and new sounds on both conventional and unconventional instruments.

Garivek is a Human Male in his mid 40 s. He doesn t move as quickly as he used to, but Garivek is still a powerful man with broad shoulders and a healthy constitution. This 10th level priest still strives to do his best in the service of Helm. He was sent to Whillip by church leaders in order to establish a true temple. So far, he has established a small shrine in the main city guard barracks.