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If you do want to say that nobody should listen to, or enjoy, and certainly should not purchase, Spade Cooley s music because of the suffering he caused in this world, well Assuming they re still alive, the people in this world who suffered the most because of Spade Cooley are his children.

At no point in my research did I come across anything suggesting that Spade Cooley sold or lost the publishing on his music. If he had a will and his affairs were in order, which they probably were, then his children probably inherited the publishing. I m making assumptions here but all I m assuming is that things went the route they typically do go.

When the Digidestined reach Steel Town and meet Tommy s former bullies Katsuharu and Tepei, Tommy loses his courage in the face of his former bullies but finally stands up for himself when pushed by Tepei, showing how much he has changed. He later risks his life to save Tepei, earning him the respect of Katsuharu who states that Tommy is now braver than he himself has ever been.

Name used in the Japanese version of Digimon Frontier and related materials. Ja HimiHimi.