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Waiting for A Girl Like You proved to be a major breakthrough for the band, allowing them to cross over to a wider and more lucrative audience, resulting in the sales of 4 surpassing six million units. The album was co-produced by Robert John Mutt Lange and Foreigner s Mick Jones. When you start listening to the track, one of the first things that may jump out at you is the highly synthesized instrumentation. It s a 180-degree turnaround from the up close, organic sound of Yesterday.

Just a bunch of garbage. Chapman is still married to a Hawaii travel agent he wed six months before killing Lennon. He hopes to have kids with her if he ever gets out, he says. ET - The man convicted of killing former Beatle John Lennon is continuing his media campaign to win parole, and in his latest interview he s blaming his problems on that most common of scapegoats--his father. I think the main problem was that my father never talked about life or problems.