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But as part of this rather unimaginative movie, it s just a bit with a burning desk. Dumber than Dumb and Dumber, Tommy Boy is a comedy that might be a hoot after several beers but is otherwise best avoided. Raunchy, funny, and not for younger kids.

Farley and Spade have a definite chemistry, and they do their best to pick up the slack. Against the odds of a feeble script and uninspired direction the duo do, in fact, grow on you, and there are a smattering of silly laughs.

П Б Д 4. Blowin in the Wind 2 48 Girl from the North Country 3 22 Masters of War 4 34 Down the Highway 3 27 Bob Dylan s Blues 2 23 A Hard Rain s a-Gonna Fall 6 55 Don t Think Twice, It s All Right 3 40. Bob Dylan s Dream 5 03 Oxford Town 1 50 Talkin World War III Blues 6 28 Corrina, Corrina 2 44 Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance Г Т, Б Д 2 01 I Shall Be Free 4 49.

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