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Like I said, I ve never done this before so I didn t know if that would come off as dishonest, if I led you to believe that he was this likable guy, which by all accounts he was If I made him seem like someone you could be friends with, I don t know.

I didn t want it to come off as manipulative. Listening back to the episode I noticed that the way I keep using the word homosexual may sound weird. That s the exact wording that was used across the board in the court documents and I figured I d better play it safe by sticking to the source. I really didn t want to get in any actual trouble.

He will then proceed with his plans to open Agartha revealing himself to be just as evil as Richtofen, and announcing that in the process he will destroy the Earth and its surviving inhabitants and reunite himself with his daughter, Samantha, after returning Richtofen to the physical world spawned as a blue-eyed zombie. If the player decides to follow Richtofen s Easter Eggs in all three maps and polarize the towers in his favor, the Rift will be mended, eternally damning Samantha to Agartha and allowing Richtofen to retrieve full manipulation of the Aether s energies.

With the Earth as his personal playground and Maxis to cease his very existence, Richtofen is now able to leave the Aether at will and uses the body of Samuel Stuhlinger as his physical host. After Maxis gains control, he plucks Samantha from Richtofen s body, where she resides with him in Agartha. After witnessing her father s corruption by the Dark Aether, a temporal rift opens to an alternate timeline in 1918 in Dimension 63 where Samantha reaches out to the Maxis of that timeline.