Mr Kenny Dixon Jr Moody Trax EP

Vinyl may be dirty, or have one outstanding flaw, such as a light residue, which could be difficult to clean. May have marks on all parts, too many to qualify as Very Good- or several deeper marks, but the record should still be ok for play without skips.

In general, this is a record that was played a fair amount, and handled without care. A typical example may be a record which has been heavily played by a DJ, and carries marks from slip cueing.

Darius is the Archimandrite at the Monastery of the Hallowed Doctrine, located in the Nether Mountains. Darius is a Cleric of Illmater and a Purifier. Darius took over as leader of this monastery, when it s founder Erland Buckley went missing. Erland has likely fallen to the forces of evil, but the mission of the covenant must go on.