Nightmares On Wax Dextrous

See the official lyrics for McCain-Palin Tradition after the jump. The left wing liberal media have Always been a real close knit family But, most of the American People Don t believe em anyway ya see Stop and think it over Before you make your decision If they smell something They re gonna come down strong It s a McCain - Palin tradition.

Now this old Union s got problems That is plain to see The Democrats bankrupted Fannie Mae N Freddie Mac Just like 1, 2, 3 The bankers didn t want to make all those bad loans, But Bill Clinton said you got to Now they want a bailout, what I m talking about Is a Democrat liberal who do. CHORUS John N Sarah tell ya Just what they think And they re not gonna blink And they re gonna fix this country Cause they re just like you N ole Hank Yes John is a maverick And Sarah fixed Alaska s broken condition They re gonna go just fine We re headed for better times It s a McCain-Palin tradition.

I am very proud of America s name Bu no society is perfect And we have had our stains If I m down at the coffee shop and Somebody wants to give our flag friction We say please move on Cause we re standing strong That s an old John McCain tradition.

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