NY Housen Authority APT

So there s a bit of hypocrisy about John, whenever you look one minute he s all over you telling how he loves you and how you re his brother and sister and power to the people, and the other minute he tells you you re still a fucking peasant as far as I can see.

He s terribly inconsistent in his views, ideas and musical output, but hell, maybe that s why I love him all the more. For me, John is the ultimate painfully thinking artist who s always open to all kinds of ideologies but who ultimately rejects all of them because they re too narrow and limited for his open and creative conscience.

The age of the artist is not of significance, but this award is intended for an artist who is up and coming within the blues music scene and is at the jumping off point of his or her career. An artist s album may not be considered in this category if that artist has already had a professional release of more than three prior albums or EPs. Albums submitted for this category may also be submitted in other appropriate categories.