Omar S Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Part 2

Finally revealing his name as Dr Monty, the voice finally expresses his distrust of Richtofen, reasoning he has been in The House for agesand that the others shouldn t trust him. We find out that when Richtofen sends the 1. Maxis s body was able to be taken over by the Shadow Man in the house because when the Maxis Drone is sent to the house in Origins, he only gets a brain, not a soul, therefore the Shadow Man is able to contact him and use Maxis to get out of the Summoning Key.

Finally, Richtofen and the others teleport to the universe where the children exist, revealed to be a perfect world.

Since then theatregoers have been flocking the auditorium of this historic theatre to enjoy its mesmerizing plays and musicals. For the initial two years of its inauguration the house was called the Prince s Theatre before being given its present name, the Prince of Wales Theatre after future Edward VII in 1886.

Phipps has laid out an impeccable architecture following traditional ways that ran to three-tiers and could accommodate 1000 audiences at a time. The theatre was strategically located between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square to attract theatregoers passing by.