Orbital Chime

He mentioned that he played trumpet in Souled Out 2 Funk - next thing Craig checked out the website and ended up playing a track on the show. Introducing the SO2F s version of Signed, Sealed, Delivered he said.

These guys ain t bad you know. They ve got a wiggle on. You can hear SO2F on the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on our SoundCloud page by clicking the link below.

Because if it wasn t for you and your music, there would be no Saving Country Music. Without you, there would be no resistance to the mainstream in country like we see today, or the same avenues for independent artists to find the fans and support they need to launch sustainable careers without your contributions and initiative. You helped open doors, created outlets and portals of support, and perhaps most importantly, inspired many others to pick up instruments, put together a band, take to social media and voice their concerns, and join the resistance, artists and fans alike.

Part and parcel with all of this was also your important work to help preserve country music s history and legacy, and to re-energize the roots of the genre through your music and other pursuits supporting the legends of the past. Of course there were others who came before who aided in opening up independent channels and put an emphasis on the original sound of country music, but you were the person with a very direct lineage and likeness to the most important name in country music that could inspire the imagination, and speak with authority about the issues plaguing country music today.