Pharoahe Monch Internal Affairs

Horrible generic crap marred by if crap can be marred, of course Yoko s horrible vocals. I feel somewhat ashamed to admit that most of them are quite catchy - it took me years to throw the pedestrian melodies of Sisters Oh Sisters and We re All Water out of my head. It irritates me even more that the unbelieeeevably dumbhead feminist anthem Sisters Oh Sisters begins with Yoko saying something like hey there male chauvinist pig engineer.

I wonder what did she mean. Maybe he dared making a remark about her singing talents.

As with all 45rpm remasterings, the higher groove velocity has made possible the extended high frequencies and lower noise that make this edition a marvel of sound. As much as the expression is overused in the audiophile community, it applies here you will hear things in this reissue that you ve never heard before from Dusty in Memphis. Kudos to Analogue Productions owner Chad Kassem, remastering engineer Kevin Gray, and the Quality Record Pressings team for another sonic success story.

Despite having told Stanley Booth that the barbeque down in Memphis is really something, Dusty Springfield never returned but this album, her debut for Atlantic Records, gave her career permanent relevance.