Photek Natural Born Killa EP

Buffy tricks Luke to win her fight, making him believe an outside light is the sunlight from Daylight Savings Time, and then staking him while he has his back turned. With Luke dead, the Master s plan fails and he weakens again, but is not destroyed. The other vampires flee.

Outside The Bronze, Angel realizes that Buffy has done it, saying I ll be damned.

And even things like the stormtroopers we re-detailed and we tried to make them kind of more HD-friendly for a modern generation. Because the film was set just before A New Hopeyou were really there trying to recreate that and add to it as well. Literally, we were asked to go back and play with our toys. But in designing Soloan earlier timeline, new planets, and strikingly different scenarios gave way to a broader scope of costume designs.