Planetary Assault Systems Planetary Funk Vol 1

Miller s direction isn t lazily flimsy, it s either limp or, well, a little effective, at least when it comes to style that is highlighted in rare, conventional and occasionally questionably staged, but generally well-orchestrated and well-choreographed action sequences that are themselves a highlight in the establishment of some kind of tension in the storytelling. If nothing else brings some kind of weight to this vacant, conceptually character-driven thriller, it is the surprisingly esteemed head of an otherwise flat cast, for although Jessica Lowndes, while at least hot, if a little trashy-looking, is flat and periodically terrible, Bruce Willis, when actually used, is effective as an intimidating gangster seeking vengeance, and leading man Jason Patric does what he can to bring charisma, humanity and command to a flat role, so much so that he kind of powers this flick.

If you feel that the cast may be more than this film deserves, well, you are most certainly right, though mostly if look at the fulfilled potential for flatness in the execution of a generic story concept, because the idea behind this film, no matter how trite, does have some potential tension, if not humanity.

The story concept is, in fact, interesting enough to establish some immediate degree of intrigue, supplemented enough by the solid style and solid lead performances for the final product to transcend contemptibility, if not flirt with, well, borderline decency.

If nothing else, the film is too bland too bad, but when it isn t that, or well-stylized and well-acted, it is flimsy something fierce, and even short on the characterization that should bring some humanity to this drama.

A York Pala Production. Barcode and Other Identifiers. Barcode Printed 0 7567-90391-2 5.