Queen The Game

Imagine a 100 diameter, futuristic, spherical, steel eyeball floating around a city. The sound that would make. If you don t like it you re obviously too old. A lot of sequencing, auto-tuning and screaming.

And I think that the bigger the pain, the more gods we need. Pauline Lennon married John s father Freddie in 1969, Twenty-one years later she published her book in which she described one of John s therapy sessions. In the early summer of 1970 John Lennon was undergoing intensive treatment at the Janov Institute for Primal Therapy in Los Angeles.

It was a hot day in June, but for some weeks now John had been isolated from the outside world, spending most of his time exclusively with his therapist, a highly trained, sympathetic man who had himself undergone primal therapy and with whom John had built up a high level of trust.

The session was being conducted in a small, sound-proof room without windows, the walls of which were padded on two sides to allow the patient readily to express the powerful emotions which would inevitably demand release.