Rena Dance It Off

And he wouldn tbut it s OK John clearly wanted to have a really menacing song to himself, and it works the echoey boomy drums, the threatening guitars that go in and out again, the waves of brass in the solo breaks, and John s scary lyrics also rushing like waves, all of this produces a really unique effect.

I don t mind the repetitive lyrics, I don t mind the simplistic melody I mind the atmosphere, the paranoid drums, the intense, strained punch of John s voice, the climactic brass breaks, it all thrills me to the extreme, and I fully identify with the song, much as everybody else hates it.

Angry foaming-at-the-mouth classics also include Give Me Some Truth with some of John s most politicized lyrics up-to-date and a frantic George Harrison lead break; and How Do You Sleep with some of John s most anti-McCartneycized lyrics up-to-date. The lyrics hit Paul straight in the eye, so that he even had to hasten up with releasing his witty answer Dear Friend on Wild Life.

I don t know how exactly Paul slept before hearing that song, but it sure could disturb his sleep after its release.

By that time the band s hard-won professionalism, rapidly developing musical skills, and increasing fascination with the iconography of classic Americana had distanced them from the punk faithful in Britain, who were still singing along to I m So Bored with the U. Perpetually in debt to their record company and compelled by their punk ethic to give their all for their fans, the Clash tried to satisfy both constituencies with London Calling s follow-up, Sandinista.

Combat Rock 1982the last album to feature the classic triumvirate of Strummer, Jones, and Simonon, yielded the hit Rock the Casbah, which ironically was later appropriated as an American battle anthem during the Persian Gulf War. Internal tensions brought about by the contradictions within the Clash s stance between their revolutionary rhetoric and their addiction to the macho posturing of rock stardom led to the firing of Jones who went on to found his own group, Big Audio Dynamite.

Unfortunately, this left the Clash a very ordinary punk band with an unusually charismatic front man.