Ricardo Villalobos 808 The Bassqueen

So, my first guess is as follows while the latter is still spoken of as an underproduced wonder how can such a great effect be achieved with such minimum arrangements.

Damn the arrangements, the songs on here are totally and unashamedly great. Well, with one annoying exception the closing Oh Yoko is the first in a series of darned Yokosongs.

Williams lost, 6-2, 6-4, with the loss setting off widespread debate over potential sexism and double standards in tennis.

I saw how Serena was being treated, and then I thought about coming back to my locker one day as a player, and there was a reporter in my chair, said Aaron, who endured racist taunts and death threats as he marched toward Babe Ruth s record.

I said something to get him out, and he wrote a letter to then-commissioner Bowie Kuhnand the commissioner wrote me back saying, If you do it again, I m going to suspend you from baseball. That s something, Aaron told Moore, that he had never mentioned publicly before.