Rob Base DJ E Z Rock It Takes Two

The H Spirit of Ice chooses him, and Tommy spirit evolves into Kumamon, the Legendary Warrior of Ice. He takes out some of the Candlemon and aids Agunimon in defeating Wizardmon when one of the Candlemon digivolves into him.

Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire. The group continue on their path. At a fork in the road, Tommy joins Takuya in following the train tracks across the plains, while the others head through the forest path into Breezy Village.

Lobomon Warrior of Light. Tommy being chosen by the H Spirit of Ice. After all these events, Tommy decides to join the others in staying in the Digital World, with Bokomon and Neemon becoming additions to their group. He, along with the others, is told by the voice in his D-Tector to head to the Forest Terminal.