Roland King The Versatility EP

Superman doesn t understand why everyone is defending him, but Batman admits everyone likes him as he is sunny. Upon subduing the villains, Superman is contacted by Professor Hamilton, prompting him to investigate a theft at STAR Labs, where someone has made off with nearly four pounds of weapons-grade Kryptonite. Superman immediately pins it on Luthor, but Batman insists that this isn t his style. He then decides to go back to the Watchtower to review the evidence with help from the Atom and advises Superman to attend the charity event to keep an eye on Luthor.

With the money he earned, Cassavetes was able to continue his passion for independent filmmaking with Faces 1968. Free of studio interference, the film s portrait of a disintegrating middle-class marriage is an uncompromising study of the despair and emptiness at the heart of the American dream.

Refining his trademark improvisational, cinema vГ ritГ style, Cassavetes raw and sometimes uncomfortable film confirmed the promise of Shadows. It was nominated for three Academy Awards and was a surprise box office success.